An EDA360 golf glove? The Sensoglove epitomizes EDA360 principles while correcting your golf swing

The Sensoglove from Sensosolutions is an unusual and fun example of System Realization that epitomizes many of the principles of the EDA360 vision. Start with a golf glove. Embed sensors that measure the tightness of the golfer’s grip. Add a processing chip that monitors the sensors, computes the “rightness” of the golfer’s grip from the pressure data, and then displays the result on an LCD embedded in the back of the glove. The glove’s operation is based on the premise that an overly tight grip on the golf club reduces the distance of your drive and the glove emits an audio que that warns when your grip’s too tight in addition to showing you which of your fingers are wrapped too tightly around the club on the glove’s LCD.

Because this product will surround the golfer’s hand for several hours on a hot golf course, it needs to be sweatproof. Because it sometimes rains on the golf course, it really needs to be fully waterproof as well. The glove needs to be light so that it doesn’t throw off the golfer’s swing. It needs to be powered by a battery—for obvious reasons—and the battery must last a long time because the purchaser will be mighty unhappy if the glove should run out of power and stop working on the seventh hole. However, the battery must be small so as not to add much weight to the glove, which would distract the golfer, so the circuitry must sip power from a small straw.

This golf glove encompasses an entire system with sensors, electronics, display, and power supply yet the Sensoglove is a retail item so it can’t cost overly much, even if it is targeted at the relatively affluent golfing market. System Realization, SoC Realization, and Silicon Realization all wrapped into one sporting good. Just another example of how far the EDA360 vision can reach.

The Sensoglove retails for $89 and when you wear out the glove, you can move the computing and display module to another glove with embedded sensors for $22.48.


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