Grant Martin book review: “TLM-Driven Design and Verification Methodology”

My good friend Grant Martin has written a ton of books, book chapters, and articles about a wide range of EDA topics and he often reviews related books. He’s just published a review of the new book “TLM-Driven Design and Verification Methodology” written by the well-known EDA consultant Brian Bailey plus Felice Balarin, Mike McNamara, Guy Mosenson, Michael Stellfox, and Yoshi Watanabe. The book has been on the market a few months, but Grant’s only just reviewing it. He writes: the book “contains a lot of good methodological advice, both in explicit chapters and sprinkled throughout.  As someone who has long believed that design methodology comes first and good tools come second, it was gratifying to see this focus.  Although the methodology is implemented in detail with Cadence tools, many of the steps involved in the implicit and explicit design flows can be accomplished with competitive commercial,  academic or internal tools.” He then singles out chapter 3, which chapter 3 “describes five levels of abstraction in the TLM methodology:  pure functional, Functional Virtual Prototype (FVP)-ready, High Level Synthesis (HLS)-Ready TLM (Transaction Level), HLS-Ready Signal Level, and RTL.”

Grant’s review is here.

For more reviews and for information on how to order this book, click here.


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