Video: Cadence CMO John Bruggeman speaks about EDA360 and the Three Realizations (System, SoC, and Silicon)

Last month at the GSA Emerging Opportunities Expo and Conference held in Santa Clara, Cadence CMO John Bruggeman found himself on a panel (From MIDs to Base Stations – Where Mobility Infrastructure Meets Innovation) with representatives from four hardware and semiconductor vendors. While it wasn’t an EDA360 or even an EDA panel, John made several key points about the EDA360 vision and its relevance to the development of all systems including the MIDs (mobile Internet devices) and base stations in the panel’s title.

The GSA (Global Semiconductor Alliance) shot video during the panel and has given us permission to use some of John’s comments. Here are four short clips (1 to 2 minutes each) from the panel.

In the first clip, John explains the EDA360 vision, acknowledging that applications have become king in the realm of System Realization. Software development costs have outpaced investment in hardware development and it’s time the EDA industry addressed this said John.

The second video clip shows John discussing a more effective way to reduce power consumption using a top-down, system-level approach. By giving software real visibility into and control of the hardware, the system’s applications and operating system can more efficiently use the hardware and will have better control of the system’s power consumption.

In the third clip, John calls for closer collaboration among EDA and semiconductor vendors and suggests that cloud-based EDA services are a way of enabling such closer collaboration among different companies and across different geographies.

In the final clip, John takes a question from the audience. After thanking the questioner for “the lob,” a comprehensive question about a day in the life of a system design, John discusses how the three Realizations (System Realization, SoC Realization, and Silicon Realization) will be combined to streamline the development of apps-driven systems.

Note: All four video clips appear here courtesy of the Global Semiconductor Alliance.

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