A quote on architectural system design from embedded guru Jack Ganssle. 10 words that ring true, oh so true.

“If you think good architecture is expensive, try bad architecture.”

– Brian Foote and Joseph Yoder

That quote is from the Embedded Muse email newsletter published semi-regularly by my good friend Jack Ganssle. In a mere 10 words, this quote embodies the sentiment behind the EDA360 idea of System Realization becoming a major part of EDA’s future. If you have ad hoc system architecture, then by definition you don’t have good, purpose-built system architecture. What are the consequences? How about inefficient design, higher-than-required product costs, excessive power consumption, difficult hardware/software integration, and problematic system performance in corner cases—just to name a few?

The only way to get good architectural design is to explore the architectural space for the intended application.

Jack knows more about writing good embedded software than anyone I know. He’s studied it for decades. If you would like to be on his mailing list, click here.


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