Apps-Driven: AARP got apps for Boomers

The biggest population cohort with the most money in the US is currently the Boomer generation and it’s not one that’s known for quick adoption of cutting-edge technology. To counter this impression, the AARP (the non-profit, nonpartisan organization founded in 1958 for people age 50 and over, formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons) has added three mobile iPhone and iPad apps to its arsenal of publications: digital versions of AARP The Magazine, AARP Bulletin and AARP VIVA. Here’s the video:

Organizations like AARP with heavy duty marketing engines are not shy about finding new ways to reach (and sell to) their audiences and the apps-driven path is today’s choice for a growing number of organizations from design houses creating mobile phones, tablets, cameras, and other networked consumer products to marketing organizations like AARP. In turn, this trend is now shaping the way new products are designed.

That’s a basic EDA360 concept, it’s a fact, and it will be shaping new product development for years to come.


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