Apps-Driven: Apple’s Mac Apps Store to open in 90 days

It’s an apps sort of day here at EDA360 Insider. Steve Jobs announced this morning that Apple’s Macintosh product line will get its own apps store, to open in three months. The Macintosh version of the apps store, called the “Mac App Store,” will look similar to the iPad’s iOS App Store and will feature familiar-looking app descriptions, screen shots, and user reviews to put existing App Store customers at ease in the new environment. The Mac App Store will feature both free and paid apps with one-click downloads. Apple is offering app developers the same 70/30 revenue split for apps sold in the Mac App Store as it currently does for apps sold in the iOS App Store. (Apple keeps 30% of each sale.) Apps sold in the Mac App Store will be licensed for use on all the personal Macs that an app purchaser owns.

Showing that apps-driven design affects all design levels, Apple has added a Launch Pad screen to the next version of Mac OS X (code name “Lion”) and this feature is there specifically to provide access to the Mac App Store. The new Launch Pad in Lion serves as the home screen for all applications, ensuring that Mac users are exposed to apps on offer every time they start an application. Apple will release Lion next summer. App developers can submit apps for inclusion in the Mac App Store starting next month.

This is the third apps-driven entry in the EDA360 Insider blog today. Clearly, there’s a tsunami thundering towards the shores of product design. In the EDA360 vision, apps drive product design like never before. Today’s three examples from Starbucks, AARP, and Apple underscore and reinforce that assertion.


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