Free Multicore Webinars in November from The Linley Group and Microprocessor Report

Looking for a little clarity with the term “multicore”? After all, it seems to mean so many things to so many people. The Linley Group, new owner of the venerable “Microprocessor Report” newsletter, has got you covered. Next month, it’s offering two free Webinars on multicore topics sure to interest embedded and chip-level designers.

The first Webinar will be presented on November 9 by Majid Bemanian, Sr. Director of Marketing at AppliedMicro. It’s titled “A Next-Generation Multicore SoC” and it will discuss the strong market trend towards consolidating multiple processors into multicore platforms; the complications of integrating dissimilar operating systems and applications that share common resources; and maintaining a balance among memory, CPU cores, and I/O utilization and virtualization. Bemanian will also describe AppliedMicro’s new PacketPro multicore SoC processor family, which includes SMP (symmetric multiprocessor) and AMP (asymmetric multiprocessor) architectures. (The product pitch is sort of compulsory in free Webinars.)

The next day, on November 10, 6WIND’s founder and CEO Eric Carmès will present “Turning Theoretical Multicore Performance Into Reality Through Software Innovations.” Simply put, Carmès will explain how software architecture can extract the maximum performance potential from multicore platforms. It’s no great feat any more to place several processors on one chip—32-bit processor cores consume less than half a square mm in today’s mainstream process technologies. The trick is to harness those processors using software stacks and middleware so that the system design fully benefits from the features and capabilities in the underlying processors. Note: Harnessing multicore architectures with appropriate bare-metal software drivers, operating systems, and middleware is all part of the EDA360 vision and falls within the realms of System Realization and SoC Realization.

Both of these Webinars are free. You need only register online. Where? Here.


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