Does Social Media Waste Your Time? 41 minutes of pure social-media marketing prowess courtesy of EDAC’s Emerging Companies Committee

The EDA360 Insider is a blog. Normally, I write about highly technical topics including IC, SoC, and system design; bleeding-edge process technology; and things that are even more esoteric. Not today. Today, I’m going off road to talk about social media and blogging itself because a lot of high-tech marketing people read this blog.

Last week I participated in an EDAC panel on social media titled “Does Social Media Reach the Engineers You Want or Waste Your Time?” The panelists turned out to be a blue-ribbon assortment of the most expert social-media moguls in our business—plus me. The event was organized by the EDAC Emerging Companies Committee chairman Steve Pollock of S2C and Georgia Marszalek of ValleyPR. Georgia is very well known in EDA and high-tech circles.

The panelists were (in alphabetical order):

  • Jim Adams, PR Manager, Altera
  • Karen Bartleson, Senior Director of Community Marketing, Synopsys
  • Brian Fuller, EETimes Product Strategist, UBM Electronics
  • Steve Leibson, EDA360 Evangelist, Cadence

Each panelist spent some minutes presenting a perspective on social media and not one of the presentations resembled the other—and that’s a very good thing because you got a broader perspective that way.

Oh, that’s right. You weren’t there. Wait, wait…not a problem. You can see the slides and hear the entire presentation quartet plus the Q&A on Adobe Presenter, here.


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