Apps-Driven Advice for Handset Makers straight from Indonesia: Plunge 100% into the apps-driven market

Sometimes I fear that the EDA360 perspective is often viewed from too much of a North American perspective because, let’s be honest here, it’s primarily a bunch of Norte Americanos talking the talk. So I was fascinated to find this blog entry from Indonesia (“Nexían, how it can be a smartphone trendsetter in Indonesia”) that analyzes a Nexian mobile phone from an apps-driven perspective. You need to read the blog to get the flavor, but I can’t resist quoting some of the more memorable subheads:

“The hardware can be from China, but let the software come from Nexian”

“Build a decent user experience”

“Plunge 100% to apps-driven market”

Proof that EDA360 isn’t just a good idea in North America. These ideas resonate all around the world.


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