Perplexed or puzzled about 3D ICs? Where are we now? Read this! Now!

R&D Magazine just published a really comprehensive review of the Semicon Taiwan 3D Forum. This is a quick read with a lot of great info starting with the major themes of the conference:

  1. Everyone has bought into the inevitability of 3D ICs, despite the current lack of standards.
  2. Everyone’s roadmap looks remarkably similar (are we lemmings or are we all on the one true path?).
  3. Silicon interposers promise to bring “2.5D” assembly quickly to the forefront (a relatively minor jump from PCB “chip on board” assembly).
  4. The big driver at the moment appears to be wide I/O.
  5. It’s still not clear who will do the assembly: foundries or assembly houses.
  6. There don’t seem to be any big technical “stoppers,” just engineering issues to iron out.

This is probably a really good time to remind you that there’s a 3D IC conference taking place next week on December 8-10 next to the San Francisco airport in Burlingame, CA. You have little time to sign up. For more info, click here.


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