EDN’s Analog Editor Paul Rako recognizes the importance of chip packaging

One of the great things about reading Analog Editor Paul Rako’s stuff is that he has an easy writing style that always telegraphs his infectious love of technology. Rako just published a blog entry in EDN about a TI switching power supply chip. The big deal about this chip in Rako’s blog entry isn’t the cool circuit-switching technology, it’s the cool packaging of the chip. TI grinds the die down and can embed it into a circuit board sans package. Sort of minimalist packaging at its best. Rako’s blog has photos. Packaging often get’s little respect in the nanometer world of IC design, but if there’s no packaging, there’s no chip so it’s an important technology nonetheless.

Another element of Rako’s blog is that his most interesting writing comes from his frequent collaboration with friends, usually over a hamburger. In an EDA360 world, we’d all share a lot more happy meals together.


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