Ready to enter the inner circle of EDA?

There’s a little-known EDA event that consistently draws the top thinkers and best speakers in EDA. It’s being held again this year in the same top secret location near Monterey, California on April 7 and 8. If you’re interested in hearing about the likely future directions of EDA or if you’re interested in shaping the trajectory of the EDA industry, you may well want to attend this workshop.

This event isn’t for tool drivers. If you merely want to know the latest command options to marginally improve QOR or if you want to fervently discuss the advantages of your favorite commercial EDA tool or IP block over its competitors, then this event probably isn’t for you. There’s no trade show attached, so no free T-shirt giveaways, no blinking LED-infused superballs, no free parties (although I can let you in on a great little hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant nearby).

If you want to understand or contribute to the understanding of where EDA is, where it’s going, where it needs to go, then this event probably is for you.

The event has the imprint of the IEEE Computer Society and the lesser known DATC (Design Automation Technical Committee) and CEDA (Council on Electronic Design Automation). With these credentials, this event draws the EDA elite from both industry and academia. The EDA360 Insider has been attending for several years, long before there was an EDA360. I think I’m the only marketing puke allowed past the guards, so don’t push it.

This year’s themes:

  • Parallel EDA
  • High-Level Design – including Requirements-Driven Design Flows
  • Cloud computing – including Software as a Service
  • Low-Power Design – with Solution Mapping to 2009 ITRS Roadmap
  • 3D ICs

Should be a good event with lots of discussion—enough to fuel your thinking cap for another year.


The event is called EDPS, the Electronic Design Process Symposium. It’s going to be held where it’s always held, at the luxurious Monterey Beach Resort (formerly a Best Western motel, but literally on the beach) in Sand City (officially, Monterey, California). In other words, no fluff. All content.

To see the call for papers, click here:


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