EDA360, Silicon Realization, and some well-deserved awards

EDA360 isn’t just some marketing slogan slapped on some existing products; It’s a new philosophy, a vision for EDA with many core components that apply to all EDA companies and the products and services they offer. One of the core EDA360 components is a fundamental belief that applications-driven design is making major changes to the way chips are conceived and realized. Another core EDA360 component is the realization that it’s not enough to simply pass dry logical and physical design data among design tools up and down the design chain. You also need to pass design intent so that architectural decisions and the reasoning behind these decisions can be passed down into the implementation layers and so that implementation details and limitations can be passed back up the chain for feedback to other design levels. And you need to represent designs using multiple abstractions so that each tool can work with each design block using the most efficient abstraction model with an appropriate level of detail for each task.

Cadence has spent at least the last two years infusing these concepts into the EDA tools used for Silicon Realization and these efforts are starting to be recognized with some very recent awards:

  • Electronic Design Magazine Awarded the Cadence Encounter Digital Implementation (EDI) System 9.1 the Best Electronic Design Product for 2010 award in the EDA – Design, Verification and Implementation Environment category.
  • The Cadence Virtuoso Accelerated Parallel Simulator won the Design Tools and Development Software Award during the 2010 Elektra European Electronics Industry Awards ceremony in London, conducted by Electronics Weekly. (This particular award was sponsored by the UK’s New Scientist magazine.)
  • The Cadence Allegro PCB SI signal-integrity tool appeared in the EDN Hot 100 products of 2010.

I recently spoke with Group Director David Desharnais about EDA360, Silicon Realization, and these awards. In this short video, Desharnais describes his take on EDA360 and Silicon Realization and then talks briefly about the three awards.


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