Apps-Driven: I lost on Jeopardy, Baybeee…To Big Blue’s Watson

OK, it’s Friday after closing time so let’s end the week in the best possible way—with a story of an apps-driven machine overcoming the human race. Nope, we’re not talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s next Terminator movie, we’re talking about a new, purpose-built IBM parallel supercomputer named Watson playing the popular-for-five-decades game show Jeopardy!. (See “Watson beats humans in Jeopardy! dry run” ) Watson is facing off against two of the winningest human Jeopardy! players on the planet: Ken Jennings with 74 wins and Brad Rutter who has racked up $3.25 million on the show. Watson pounded both human players in the dry run. The real deal is scheduled to air in mid February.

Want to see Watson in action?

In honor of this occasion, I get to post one of my favorite Weird Al Yankovic videos. What a way to end the week.


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