Moore’s Law, The Microcomputer, and Me

You have a rare opportunity to hear about the first 40 years of the history of Moore’s Law from one of the true makers of that history, Stan Mazor, who was instrumental in developing the first commercially successful microprocessors (Intel’s 4004 and 8080) and who was also instrumental in the early EDA industry. Best of all, it’s not going to cost you one thin dime to listen. However, this is short notice so you may need to clear your calendar. Mazor is speaking at the next meeting of the Consultants’ Network of Silicon Valley (CNSV) next Tuesday, January 18, at 7 pm. The talk’s being given at the KeyPoint Credit Union, 2805 Bowers Ave in Santa Clara.

First come, first served. No RSVP needed. If you don’t know about the Consultant’s Network, this is a good time to find out about it whether you are a consultant or just need a consultant’s services. CNSV is affiliated with the IEEE and you will find many, many experienced hands there. Highly recommended.

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