All your chips are belong to us. Who’s buying all of our chips?

This blog spends a lot of time discussing IC design and manufacture. Ultimately, some organization needs to buy all of these devices (most of them, anyway). That’s currently just north of $300 billion worth of chips annually. As it turns out, just ten companies in the world are responsible for buying a bit more than one third of all the ICs sold worldwide. With the number of companies buying chips and incorporating them into systems, finding out that only ten companies consume a third of the world’s semiconductor output is a bit stunning. The ten companies (with their percentages of the total semiconductor market) are:

  • 5.7%  HP
  • 5.1%  Samsung
  • 4.1%  Apple
  • 3.9%  Nokia
  • 3.5%  Dell
  • 3.1%  Sony
  • 2.9%  Toshiba
  • 2.3%  LG
  • 2.3%  Panasonic
  • 1.9%  Lenovo

Were those the company names you were expecting? In that order? Me either.

Note: This blog is based on Gartner Inc data, as published in an article by Peter Clarke in EETimes today.

And just in case you don’t get the title of this blog entry, here’s today’s Friday video:

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