Denali’s memes infect Cadence VIP. Who wins?

I came to Cadence through the Denali Software acquisition last year and suddenly, there was an EDA360 Evangelist (besides CMO John Bruggeman, who wears lots of hats). One of Denali’s great product lines was its verification IP (VIP), which had a couple of really great features. First, Denali VIP supported everyone’s simulator. That meme has now infected all of Cadence and all Cadence VIP (including the Denali imports) will support all simulators. (Cadence will continue working to make the Cadence Incisive simulator the one to beat, by the way.)

In addition, Denali created a remote-debug capability in its VIP that permits debugging without actually having a copy of the design being verified running locally. That meme is also threading its way through all of the Cadence VIP family, which now supports more than 30 I/O protocols.

If you’d like to read the full story, see Tom Hackett’s recent article on ChipEstimate. See “Cadence & Denali – A mergers and acquisitions story.”

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