Cadence rolls out huge VIP catalog merging verification IP from Cadence with VIP from Denali acquisition

Today, Cadence introduced a robust VIP catalog fortified with IP obtained from last year’s Denali acquisition. However, the resulting catalog reflects more than just IP accretion. It also reflects the diffusion of some key Denali VIP concepts into the entire product line. First, Denali’s approach was to be the “Switzerland of IP,” meaning that the VIP runs with all major simulators. Before the Denali acquisition, Cadence had a very broad range of VIP—covering more than 30 protocols–but this VIP only worked in conjunction with the Cadence Incisive simulator. Denali, in contrast, had developed a smaller VIP portfolio that ran with any simulator. The non-denominational nature of the Denali VIP proved extremely popular with Realization teams so instead Cadence decided to open up all of its IP. As a result, the common testbench interface across the entire Cadence VIP product line supports multiple languages including SystemVerilog, e, and SystemC, and verification methodologies including OVM and UVM.  That’s certain to be a very popular move and it is very much in keeping with the open EDA360 vision and philosophy.

The Denali acquisition has provided some strategic VIP additions to the Cadence VIP catalog including key interface specifications such as PCIe Gen3, SuperSpeed USB, IBM PLB (Processor Local Bus) and SATA 6G. Other new additions to the VIP catalog, stemming from original Cadence development work includes AMBA4, 40G/100G Ethernet, MIPI M-PHY, MIPI DigiRF, and MIPI UniPro. The Cadence VIP catalog now includes the Denali memory models, covering about 15,000 specific memory chips including wide I/O SDRAM, DDR4 SDRAM, LRDIMM, GDDR5, Flash ONFI 3.0, Flash PPM, and Flash Toggle2NAND.

Yet another Denali technology now diffusing into the entire Cadence VIP catalog is a trace debug feature that allows remote debugging without the need to obtain a copy of the customer’s design. This feature avoids NDA issues that inevitably arise when third-party IP is part of a design.

In all, the Denali acquisition has significantly strengthened the Cadence VIP portfolio and the real winners in this acquisition turn out to be the Realization teams.

For more details, click here, and check out Richard Goering’s blog on the subject. (Click here for Richards’ blog post.)

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