Stereoscopic 3D Computing: Free IEEE meeting March 8 in San Jose

Next week, on March 8, Cadence in San Jose will be hosting the Silicon Valley chapter of the IEEE Computer Society meeting and the topic is one of tremendous interest: 3D Stereoscopic Computing. The speaker is Sunil Jain, Lead Architect and Strategy Planner at Intel Corporation.

Here’s an abstract of the talk:

After multiple decades of wand waiving and fizzling, 2010 felt like a real inflection point for Stereoscopic-3D. Significance of this major transition in visualization from 2D-to-3D is profound. After all, nature has equipped human kind with binocular vision – it is the limitation of technology that has kept our civilization staring fixated in front of 2D screens. This next decade could very well be a step towards realism in viewing and touching.

Content is limited. Solutions are expensive. Technologies are ferociously competing, vying for the top place in each market segment. Usages beyond watching movies and playing games have not even been conceived yet. Standards and interoperability are in the infancy and tug of war between verticals and horizontals has already begun! Most importantly, the scientific algorithms that can accurately emulate the depth perception and visualization processes that are natural to human brain are pretty much non-existent, and this is the holy grail of S3D quality and the skepticism 3D encounters after failed attempts in the past.

Mechanisms of content creation, processing, rendering, and consuming will need to change – positing growth opportunities for everyone in the S3D food chain. Let’s discuss how this next decade with S3D will really unfold.

More info and registration here:

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