The 3D IC has landed: Dynamite panel of 4+1 3D experts at EDPS in Monterey next month. Sign up now!

I’ve been waiting to break this news and I finally can. The Electronic Design Process Symposium (EDPS) will host a 3D panel at next month’s event. Last year, I moderated a 3D panel at LSI Corp’s Technology Day in San Jose and it was standing room only. 3D IC packaging is an idea whose time is here after more than 20 years of writing about it. I find it pretty cool stuff and I’m expecting a lot of you do too. The EDPS panel will be moderated by the industry’s 3D cheerleader himself, Herb Reiter. Herb is the president of eda2asic Consulting and consults on 3D EDA issues with the GSA (Global Semiconductor Alliance). I doubt if there’s anyone more knowledgeable about what’s happening with 3D worldwide than Herb.

His panelists are equally impressive and include Dusan Petranovic from Mentor, Bill Martin from E-System Design, Rudy Hernandez from Texas Instruments, and Rahul Deokar from Cadence. These guys are a 3D brain trust.

I can promise a very interesting panel and it’s the fastest way for you to get up to speed on things 3D. Nearly all of Friday’s discussions are devoted to things 3D.
EDPS will be held in Monterey on Thursday and Friday, April 7-8. It’s generally attended by a small group of highly influential people involved in EDA, chip design, and manufacturing. It’s a low-cost, high-impact event. You really should attend if at all possible.

More info here:

Sign up here:

Do it now.


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