An SoC Conference in Finland and Friday’s video (early) on how NOT to get there

The 13th annual SoC conference in Tampere, Finland is coming up at the end of October. I’ve attended this conference many times and highly recommend it. It’s held in Nokia’s back yard. This year’s schedule isn’t ready yet, but it’s usually packed with some thought-provoking presentations and there’s always a great hockey game to attend in the evening. The Web site is here.

Now it’s really early to begin writing about this event, so why do it now? It’s because Tampere isn’t the easiest town to reach. It’s 100km north of Helsinki. You can fly into Helsinki and take a bus to Tampere or you might discover that Ryanair flies direct from Stansted airport in the UK to Tampere, as I did. You might also be tempted by the siren song of Ryanair’s low, low fares. I’ve taken Ryanair into Tampere a couple of times. The first time worked well but the airline has made a few strategic changes that altered the decision for me after that second flight. What were these changes?

Well I could write a paragraph or two about the topic, but this is no longer necessary. An Irish British comedy trio called “Fascinating Aida” has written and performed a song that exactly describes the situation and I present it here as a very early Friday video. Note: If you are easily offended by language, please, please, please do not view this video! Go find a cute cat video to watch instead.

For you high-tech marketers out there, this video demonstrates that you do not want to alienate your most creative customers, not in these days of the Internet and particularly YouTube. This video has had more than 2 million views in less than five months. That’s viral. Think about it.

Note: Another tip of the hat to my friend Larry Przywara, who understands my sense of humor all too well.


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2 Responses to An SoC Conference in Finland and Friday’s video (early) on how NOT to get there

  1. Actually I am a big fan of Ryanair for their ruthless focus on efficiency and on-time performance. They make Southwest look like pussycats. If you check out: you can see they were flying 94% on time and 99% within 1 hour of published arrival time for the week ending March 27, 2011 – remembering they are flying all over Europe and there’s weather everywhere at this time of year.

    I posted this travelogue a while back for anyone who wants to know what Ryanair is really like…

    Alas, Ryanair is not the best way from the USA to Tampere if only because getting from Heathrow to Stanstead is a slow and potentially expensive process. You can fly direct to Tampere on a few other airlines but then you have to connect through another European gateway.

    There is a better way than the bus from Helsinki to Tampere though, take a taxi from Helsinki airport to Tikkurila train station, then you can take a train to the center of Tampere from there in about 90 minutes. If the ticket office is closed, you can buy a ticket on the train.

    I hope this is helpful to someone.


    • sleibson2 says:


      Thanks for your comment. From your travelogue, I gather you are a big fan of Ryanair because of their low entry prices and that you have a high tolerance for uncomfortable flying. On every flight, you describe how cramped and uncomfortable you were. To each his own. As you can see from the song by Fascinating Aida, many do not share your admiration for Ryanair. I was initially a fan myself, until they started turning the screws on their passengers. But if you’ve no luggage and are just carrying a lightweight carryon, they will get you there cheaply.

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