Apparently failing to get the memo about smartphones taking over everything mobile, Samsung introduces $159 waterproof camcorder

Two days ago, I wrote about the demise of Cisco’s Flip camcorder operation as discussed in an EETimes article written by Dylan McGrath. Yesterday, I listened to IDC’s Mario Morales discuss a similar topic at the IDC Smart Technology World conference. Morales discussed the need for multiple mobile devices that meet different needs according to location and activity. (I blogged that talk here.) Today, Samsung introduced an HD pocket camcorder similar in concept to the defunct Flip products but with one important difference: the new $159 Samsung W200 Pocket Cam is waterproof and can be used underwater to a depth of three meters. So if, like me, you’re somewhat squeamish about taking your smartphone into the pool to shoot video, perhaps there’s a place for a separate camcorder after all. If you want one, they’ll be available next month.


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