Do you know about the “other” kind of 3D? A blog on “embedded components”

I’ve written a lot recently about 3D assembly in the EDA360 Insider and usually, that term is used to refer to the 3D assembly of bare die using microbumps for direct die-to-die connections. But there’s yet another take on 3D that has the same goals: miniaturization and performance. That “other” kind of 3D is used to embed components, to bury them, inside of a pc board (pcb). Today, Cadence announced a major upgrade to the Allegro IC packaging and pc-board design tools and one of the new features is additional support for the design of these embedded components.

Embedding active and passive devices inside of a pcb permits the use of the third dimension, like 3D chip assembly, to further reduce the size of the pcb. You can get a good overview of this technology from the AT&S Web site, which details the types of components that can be embedded within a pcb, lists seven key reasons why you might want to use this technology, and also discusses the types of end products that are known to benefit from this technology.

The Allegro tool upgrades for embedded component design also include a constraint-driven flow to allow a design team to rapidly meet design goals related to pcb size and performance. Constraint-driven design is a fundamental tenet of the eDA360 vision—one that allows a design team to converge quickly on a design that meets objectives. You will find the announcement of the new Allegro 16.5 release here and Richard Goering’s take on the release here.


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One Response to Do you know about the “other” kind of 3D? A blog on “embedded components”

  1. Dean Stevens says:

    Hi Steve- Now if we can just get you guys to build some tools for monolithic 3d design (wink).

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