3D Thursday: GSA working on 3D IC report covering benefits of and barriers to adoption

Just got an email from the GSA (www.gsaglobal.org) that it is working on a report titled “3D IC Architecture: A Natural Evolution” to be published in the second half of the year. Currently, the document is merely an abstract that says:

“3D is an unproven technology; therefore, it is not surprising that a number of technical and non-technical barriers exist. Technical barriers include a lack of commercial EDA tool support, modeling, thermal dissipation, testing and standards. Non-technical barriers consist of cost, markets, a mature business model and supply chain, yield ownership and risk. Solutions can include collaboration with research centers and universities, the development of industry standards, more test chips in larger volume, risk and revenue streams being shared between all supply chain partners, having a variety of suppliers to drive down costs, product and technology roadmaps, and implementing and extending 2.5D.”

A lot of the GSA’s 3D work is being managed by Herb Reiter, the GSA’s 3D IC Working Group & EDA Interest Group Chair. I’ve worked with Herb on a couple of 3D panels and he’s an industry treasure when it comes to 3D. To get more involved, you can contact him at hreiter@gsaglobal.org.

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1 Response to 3D Thursday: GSA working on 3D IC report covering benefits of and barriers to adoption

  1. Dean Stevens says:

    Hi Steve- I’m looking forward to seeing the report from the Global Semiconductor Alliance. It’s nice to see that there is so much activity focused on creating an infrastructure for profitable 3D IC development. In addition to the GSA report, we’ve recently seen news about the Silicon Integrated Initiative forming an “Open3D Project” standards group and, of course, there’s the SEMATECH “3D Enablement” program that you just wrote about. Exciting times for vertical integration!

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