Amazon’s cloud service crash permanently lost data. Think this has implications for EDA?

Today, MSNBC’s Technolog carries an article by Henry Blodget that discusses another aftermath of the Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) services failure: lost data. The article quotes a letter from Amazon stating:

“A few days ago we sent you an email letting you know that we were working on recovering an inconsistent data snapshot of one or more of your Amazon EBS volumes.  We are very sorry, but ultimately our efforts to manually recover your volume were unsuccessful.  The hardware failed in such a way that we could not forensically restore the data.”

As a result, one client of Amazon’s EC2 services, Chartbeat, sent this note to its customers:

“Approximately 11 hours of historical data wasn’t recoverable and will appear as small gaps in the timeline. Our development team is also hard at work to limit the impact of any future AWS interruptions.”

Now consider how the letter might have been worded if Chartbeat were an SoC design house:

“Approximately 11% of your design data wasn’t recoverable and will appear as small gaps in your design and/or testbench. Our development team is also hard at work to limit the impact of any future interruptions.”

That puts things in a different light, doesn’t it?

How much of your design data can you afford to have disappear into the cloud…forever? Probably the answer is 0%. The consequences of such an event make you shudder just to contemplate it.

The point? Well, it’s certainly not to say that cloud-based EDA is a bad thing. Data crashes aren’t unique to cloud-based services and storage. On the contrary cloud-based services make a lot of sense as a way, one way, to deliver access to EDA tools. However, you probably don’t want your design data lumped in with the social media site next door—so to speak—in the cloud.  You probably want to obtain these services from a vendor with experience in delivering EDA-centric cloud services. Coincidentally, Cadence has that sort of experience.

You can read more about that experience in this article from Processor Magazine: “Securing Intellectual Property: Safeguarding Customer Data & IP Is Crucial For Cadence EDA Business”.

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