DAC Denali Party 2011 is no longer in flux, it’s in FLUXX. Get a ticket now before they’re all gone!

Sorry for the premature hiccup last week but you can now sign up for the DAC Denali Party, 2011 Edition here. You’d better do it now before all the tickets are gone. And they will go fast if history is any guide.

The party will be held on June 7 at the FLUXX nightclub, located in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter. FLUXX’s theme is some sort of retro funkadelic vibe, which is perfect for the way the Denali party usually goes at DAC. There’s the usual singing competition, called “EDA360’s got Talent” this year. In addition, you’ll find all the usual social lubricants that are the central feature of a Denali party at DAC.

Like I said, better sign up now. http://www.cadence.com/dac2011/pages/denali_party.aspx

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EDA360 Evangelist and Marketing Director at Cadence Design Systems (blog at https://eda360insider.wordpress.com/)
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