Urgent: You have only 24 hours to sign up for a free DDR4 Webinar including just-released info from the JEDEC committee

I just heard from the Cadence memory interface guru himself, Marc Greenberg, about a DDR4 Webinar he’s giving tomorrow (Thursday) during the EETimes Virtual SoC event.

Here’s what Marc wrote:

“I am presenting a Webinar on DDR4 tomorrow (Thursday) at 3PM Eastern / 2PM Austin / Noon PST as part of an EETimes virtual conference. We were very fortunate that a lot of the confidential information on DDR4 became public at a JEDEC presentation at Memcon/CDNLive! EMEA just last week. I have basically rolled all the public information plus some predictions and market analysis into a 1-hour webinar.”

DDR4 is, of course, the latest JEDEC DDR spec for high-speed synchronous DRAM. DDR3 is just coming into its own now with DDR2 making a slow fade so its time to start designing new chips and board-level systems for DDR4. Get the absolute latest info on DDR4 at this Webinar.

Register here.  Quick! Like now!!!

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