The ARM-based Marvell PXA510 and GlobalScale D2Plug, more evidence that semi vendor ecosystems must expand to include a lot of software, apps

I found this video on the EngineeringTV video site run by Electronic Design magazine. In it, Marvell’s Scott Dunagan describes the slick new Globalscale D2Plug Developer Kit, which incorporates Marvell’s yet-to-be-announced, high-performance, ARM-based PXA510 Application Processor. According to GlobalScale, the Marvell PXA510 also offers more even comprehensive features than the company’s earlier PXA processors, with “PC-class peripherals” including SATA, dual PCI Express, 802.11n, and a gigabit Ethernet MAC. Dunagan’s description of the Globalscale D2Plug in the video is a great example of just how far semiconductor vendors must now go to develop comprehensive software and system partners in their ecosystems, which of course is fundamental to the whole idea of EDA360.


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