Rock-‘em, Sock-‘em EDA investment duo back for this year’s DAC. Hear Jim Hogan and Paul McLellan spar tag-team style with the EDA audience at DAC on June 6.

In this corner, the tag-team EDA investment champs Jim Hogan and Paul McLellan. If you haven’t heard of these two guys, you’re working at Payless Shoes, not the EDA industry. As a reminder, Hogan is the one who repeatedly gets ups at major events to remind the crowd that he’s in the business of making money, preferably lots of it, by buying and selling companies. Sometimes they’re EDA companies. Sometimes not. McLellan is the guy who wrote the book on the EDA industry and running companies in said industry. (See “Power is the new timing”: A review of Paul McLellan’s new book—EDA Graffiti.”)

This year at DAC, these two will again be discussing the EDA technical and business topics near and dear to their hearts. They’ll be talking about theses issues in the context of SoC Realization, where Hogan at least thinks EDA’s sweet spot is at the moment.

Want to see what happened last time these guys spoke together? Take a look here: “How to Start Your Very Own EDA Company (Don’t run out of cash)

Sure to be a crowd pleaser. I know I’ll be there. DAC in San Diego. June 6. 10-11 am. Room 24A. RSVP

Get ready to rumble.


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