Friday Video (Double Plus Bonus): Weird Al does Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way”—result is “Perform this Way”

Lady Gaga’s advanced marketing machine has really punched up the volume this week with her appearing on all major Web news sites, in Rolling Stone magazine, and in the EDA360 Insider blog. (See “Hey you, get off of my cloud. Irresistible Lady Gaga deal (99-cent album) kills Amazon’s cloud, again.”) To celebrate the end of this spectacular week for her wickedly shrewd weirdness and ability to tap the global music machine for heaps of cash, I present Weird Al’s take on her latest hit. Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way” video may be way too weird to post on the EDA360 Insider blog but Weird Al’s “Perform this Way” parody—that’s fair game. As always, Weird Al’s lyrics skewer the artist with pinpoint accuracy, all in good fun.


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