Perennial talent competitor Dave Crohn wins “EDA360’s got Talent” competition at the DAC 2011 Denali Party

Crohn sings and wins

Persistence paid off on Tuesday night as Dave Crohn (Broadcom) sang Bryan Adams’ 1984 hit song “Summer of ‘69” to win the “EDA360’s Got Talent” competition at the Denali Party sponsored by Cadence this year at DAC. Crohn’s sleeveless t-shirt no doubt helped judges Dennis Brophy (Mentor Graphics), Mike Gianfagna (Atrenta), and Steve Lewis (Cadence) and the voting crowd come to a quick decision.

The party took place at Fluxx, a nightclub in San Diego’s Gaslamp district. It was standing-room only inside. The street outside was blocked off to make room for the overflow crowd and big-screen TVs conveyed the talent competition to the outside attendees.

Here are some photos of the event, the talent competitors, and the crowd.

You needed one of these wristbands to get in.

And a lot of people who picked up those wristbands stood in line to get into Fluxx…

…where they were met by dancing butterflies…

…free-flowing refreshments at four bars…

…fresh food, cooked to order and served hot…

…and a 60s-themed photo booth…

…while “EDA360’s Got Talent” judges Dennis Brophy and Mike Gianfagna warmed up on the dance floor…

…who then watched a pair of dancers…

…a strange singing duo…

…and then Dave Crohn sing “Summer of ’69.” Finally, John Bruggeman and Sanjay Srivastava thanked the crowd and Bruggeman then made the award.

Thanks to everyone including the organizers, the judges, the contestants, the attendees, and the Fluxx staff for making this year’s Denali Party a huge success!!!

(All photos by Steve Leibson, aka the EDA360 Insider.)


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2 Responses to Perennial talent competitor Dave Crohn wins “EDA360’s got Talent” competition at the DAC 2011 Denali Party

  1. Great pix, Steve! However, there was plenty more action after the talent competition:

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