Friday Video: Latest consumer product to get an app is a bottle of vodka!

EDA360 Insider has described dozens of new apps. They’re getting into all sorts of products and serve to differentiate even the most commodity-like of products. So how do you differentiate a bottle of vodka? Better vodka? Premium? Super Premium? (What comes after super premium?) Nope, you add an app in the form of a wraparound LED tickertape, programmable with four user-defined messages (255 character limit per message). With the app, Medea Spirits sells their product for $40 per bottle.

In this video, you see a pair of male hands pouring drinks for a pair of female hands in between programming messages with four buttons imprinted in the tickertape label. Anyone familiar with this type of programming knows that the female hands will have walked away from the table to find a better conversationalist long before that first message is entered, much less getting to the “My place or yours?” question at the end of the video.

Not to fear however, it’s only a matter of time before the user interface is modified so that the chip in the bottle accepts commands using near-field wireless RF from your mobile phone rather than today’s clunky 4-button interface.

(Or, you could come up with salmon-flavored vodka like the Alaska Distillery in Palmer, Alaska–which is just down the road a bit from Wasilla–and skip the electronics altogether.)

Please drink (and message) responsibly.

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