Hear Toyota and GM talk about vehicle computer systems in a 5-screen world. Talks are free. Pizza is $2.

On July 12, the Silicon Valley Chapter of the IEEE Computer Society is hosting a “dual-core” presentation on the future of vehicle computer systems on the Cadence campus in San Jose, California. The speakers are Roger D. Melen, Senior Advisor at Toyota InfoTechnology Center U.S.A., and Byron shaw, Managing Director of GM’s Advanced Technology Office in Silicon Valley. The talks will discuss the interaction of the increasingly capable dashboard screens installed in today’s vehicles with smartphones, tablets, and other products. Beyond fun and entertainment, the vehicular information screens are also used for safety and security. It promises to be one of the most interesting talks of the year and registration starts at 6:30 pm. So does the pizza. The talk starts at 7 pm.

You can get more info on the speakers and register for the event, free, here.

And here’s a video of GM’s experimental EN-V pod car being driven around a ballroom in Las Vegas at CES this year.

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