Friday Video: Will your chip design enable 15 minutes of fame?

Most of the world doesn’t get excited about GHz, nm, Gbytes, and the other metrics of excess success we technologists wallow in. The majority of the people on this planet get excited about what those metrics allow them to do. Case in point: a young man who goes by the YouTube Handle iTr3vor, who makes dance videos to the current hot pop tunes using the equipment and the Internet connections available for free in Apple retail stores. Think that’s silly? iTr3vor has already gotten his 15 minutes (OK, so it’s 2.5 minutes, so far) of fame on CNN.

This one can’t be embedded by CNN’s request, so here’s the link:

This example of brand/technology/Internet/media mashup is increasingly common in a world where globally distributed video from all manner of devices is cheap to the point of being unmeterable. In iTr3vor’s case, he owns neither the venue, the equipment, nor the communications channel. Nevertheless, he is able to distribute his dance videos more effectively than he might have ever done with an MTV or VH1 contract. When iTr3vor earns enough money to buy his own stuff, guess which brand he might prefer?

Something to consider when you’re trying to define that next world-killing chip. Be sure you know what it takes to achieve world domination in the second decade of the 21st century.

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