Are you on a Silicon Realization team? Designing ASICs and SoCs? Then you need to attend one of the Global Technology Conferences

If you’re actively developing ASICs and SoCs, you’re in the Silicon Realization business and that means you need to gather all the information you can about the business wherever you can. Globalfoundries wants to make that task easier by inviting you to one of four regional Global Technology Conferences to be held worldwide during August, September, and October. Here are the dates and locations:

  • August 30 — Santa Clara, CA, USA —Santa Clara Convention Center
  • September 14 — Hsinchu, Taiwan — Ambassador Hotel
  • September 16 — Shanghai, China — Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel
  • October 27 — Tokyo, Japan — Garden City Shinagawa

Sign up here:

Also, Daniel Nenni seems to have gotten some inside information about the agenda at these conferences. Check out his recent blog about the event here:


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