Friday Video: Japanese pop music video lit by Arduino and about $300,000 worth of Canon 60D cameras

OK, I’ve not seen this before. Japanese pop group Androp just made a video of their new song Bright Siren and lit the video entirely with a super-sized array of 250 computer-controlled Canon 60D dSLR still cameras and attached flash guns set on several levels of racks to form a giant Xenon-powered dot-matrix lighting system. An extensive PC-controlled Arduino microcontroller setup fires the cameras and flashes in sync with the music and even seems to translate live performance video into flash patterns during the song. Some of the video comes from video make by assembling stills shot by the Canon 60D-based illumination system. It’s a technological tour de force (although I can’t say I’m a big fan of this music genre).

There are two videos to see. First, there’s the actual Bright Siren music video:

Next, there’s the “making-of” video:

A tip of the hat to David Hobby, the Strobist, who sets the bar high for all of us bloggers. One question: What do you do with 250 cameras used to light a music video? (Hint: They’re apparently rentals.)


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