Friday Video: IP use and abuse. Recent DAC panel discusses the ins and outs of global IP use

Adam Traidman, General Manager of, moderated a DAC Pavilion panel on semiconductor IP use and video from that panel is now up. According to research cited by Traidman, IP use on an average SoC design has gone from 19% of the chip 10 years ago to 78% last year. That’s a huge jump and IP has undeniably risen to the level of being a critical element in modern SoC design. At the same time, the IC industry has gone truly global and, as panelist Alan Coady of IDT says during this video, assumptions people make around the world are different. That observation is especially true for matters relating to IP.

This video contains a few surprises, even for experienced IP professionals who have been in the business for 10 years (like me).

You can also see Richard Goering’s analysis of this video here.

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