A Friday Meditation: Powerful EDA and software-development advice from a distinctly non-EDA, non-technical source

Last night I read a paragraph of advice that directly applies to all engineering—whether it’s about System Realization, SoC Realization, or Silicon Realization—from a completely unexpected source:

“The trainer of a top racehorse developing as a Kentucky Derby contender does not keep him up all hours of the night playing poker, smoking cigars, and drinking bourbon; feed him food fetched from McDonalds; house him in noisy, aggravating, or unhealthy environments; have him hang out in the field with dumb, slow horses; and put the cheapest shoes on him when it is time to race. Why would you do such things to you?”

The advice is from a non-engineer named Dan Kennedy who does not use email and claims to barely understand computers. He’s the anti-geek. Nevertheless, Kennedy’ advice encapsulates so much wisdom for all Realization teams in so few words that I had to replicate it here in the EDA360 Insider. The next time your project runs off the rails, take a look at your development environment and the tools you’re using and ask yourself, “Are we ready for the Kentucky Derby?” Then, go ask your management the same question. Better yet, why not ask the question before your current project goes off the rails.


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EDA360 Evangelist and Marketing Director at Cadence Design Systems (blog at https://eda360insider.wordpress.com/)
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