Semico Report: Software design costs have eclipsed silicon design efforts

“Software design costs have eclipsed silicon design efforts and have become the largest portion of the SoC creation effort.”

That’s one conclusion of a new Semico report titled “SoC Silicon and Software Design Cost Analysis: Changes in Perspective.” This report looks at the scaling of design costs along with process node for three different SoC categories: Advanced Performance Multicore SoCs, Value Multicore SoCs, and Basic SoCs. Naturally, there are different cost levels associated with each SoC type.

This report recognizes that you cannot add multiple processor cores to an SoC design without incurring software-development costs never before encountered in SoC design. The more processors in a design, the more they interact and the more complex the required software. These are core concepts in EDA360 and System Realization and they’re a key factor behind the introduction of the Cadence System Development Suite, which includes the Rapid Prototyping Platform, the Virtual System Platform, and the Verification Computing Platform. These platforms reduce the risk of software development for SoC design and help to reduce associated development costs.

The Semico report reviews SoC silicon design costs and software design costs at the 90nm node and forecasts costs out through the 14nm node.

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