Friday Video: Learn the fundamentals of PCB design in 47 minutes, and enjoy it

Dr. Howard Johnson has written about high-speed design and its ramifications on printed-circuit board (pcb) design for many years. He’s both an expert and very easy to understand. That’s a real bonus that’s rare in the electronics industry. Now he’s got a 47-minute slide-and-audio presentation on the EETimes Web site that introduces you to pcbs and then jumps into many issues that it normally takes years to learn. You might find the first ten slides to be far too introductory but your patience will be well rewarded starting at slide 11. Caution: some of the slides didn’t work for me and I don’t know if it was my Internet connection or some artifact from what obviously started as a live presentation.


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1 Response to Friday Video: Learn the fundamentals of PCB design in 47 minutes, and enjoy it

  1. QuadTech says:

    Great video! It’s great hearing someone speak to you as opposed to just a static PowerPoint. It makes it much more interesting and engaging than just clicking through slides. Puts you in that lecture state of mind that helps you focus your attention on what is in front of you.

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