3D Thursday: Panel at International SoC Conference in Newport Beach to focus on 3D assembly

On the first day of this year’s International SoC Conference, November 2, I will be moderating a panel on 3D IC assembly. The panel’s title is “3D: Where are we today; Where are we going; and How will you get there with us?” and it features the best experts I can find on the topic of 3D IC integration. The panelist list so far includes:

1. Herb Reiter, President of EDA 2 ASIC, 3D consultant to GSA.

2. Samta Bansal, Product Marketing, Applied Silicon Realization, Cadence.

3. Steve Trimberger, Fellow, Xilinx.

4. Paul Hollingsworth, VP of Strategic Marketing, eSilicon.

5. Dr. Jingyi Zhang works, Broadcom.

This session will not be academic in nature. It will be based on real projects at the leading edge of commercial 3D IC manufacture. Please plan on attending!

Additional information about the conference is here: http://www.socconference.com/index.htm

The registration page is here: http://www.socconference.com/registration.htm

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EDA360 Evangelist and Marketing Director at Cadence Design Systems (blog at https://eda360insider.wordpress.com/)
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1 Response to 3D Thursday: Panel at International SoC Conference in Newport Beach to focus on 3D assembly

  1. Mr. Liebson:
    Tezzaron has already shipped dozens of successful, working 3D-IC designs. The devices are built with wafer stacking, copper bonding, and 1-micron tungsten TSVs. From what we can see in the literature, we have built more 3D-ICs than anyone else. Call & talk to us about this!

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