Friday Video (a day late): Geekosity quotient goes sky high as TechShop San Jose cuts grand opening ribbon with… plasma cutter?

OK, so it’s a day late for my Friday videos but the TechShop of San Jose held a grand opening today starting with a ribbon cutting. But not just any ribbon cutting. The “ribbon” was a foot-wide steel band with the red-gear TechShop logo in the center. The TechShop is a small chain of membership clubs where you can work out on lathes, drill presses, end mills, laser and plasma cutters, welders, and other large machine tools. There’s also an electronics bay and many, many computers running Autodesk software.

Brief speakers included TechShop Founder Jim Newton, San Jose city council member Sam Liccardo, and Carl Bass, President and CEO of Autodesk, who also cut the ribbon with a plasma cutter after succinctly pointing out that the TechShop was more about doing than talking. The whole affair including speeches took seven minutes and the tours commenced immediately afterwards. Here’s the 7-minute video:

Note: I am a member of and a minor investor in the TechShop of San Jose.


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