How would you like some of Cisco’s SoC implementation secrets? Get them at this ARM TechCon session

You know that doing a hasty or inadequate job at the SoC architectural level will cost you in the implementation schedule. If only you could get a few good tips on how to beef up that architectural design-space exploration. Well, you can on October 25 during the chip-design day at ARM TechCon 2011, being held at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Cisco and Cadence are giving a joint presentation on how Cisco performs early SoC implementation analysis and design-space exploration with a range of architectures, IP choices, and IP integration strategies to shorten the implementation phase and boost chip manufacturability. This is a rare chance to look over the shoulder of a successful design team and glean what tips you may.

Read more about the session here:

Early Architectural Planning for Increased Productivity, Predictability and Profitability

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