Friday Video: What does it take to get to 20nm? Samsung’s VP of Foundry North America Ana Hunter explains

Samsung has been pushing IC process technology about as hard as any company in the business. It’s foundry business is operating at 65nm and 32/28nm with a 20nm process node in development. (See my recent blog “Samsung 20nm test chip includes ARM Cortex-M0 processor core. How many will fit on the head of a pin?”)

For a little more insight into the particular difficulties of getting to 20nm and how Samsung is overcoming the numerous obstacles, take a look at this short video. In it, Ana Hunter, Vice President of Foundry North America for Samsung explains how Samsung is collaborating with process-technology and EDA partners to blaze a path to 20nm. In particular, note her comments on the need to optimize the entire design flow for 20nm.

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