Friday Video: CMOS sensor inventor Eric Fossum delivers a 1-hour digital-imaging tutorial to Yale. Watch for an hour, get a semester’s worth of info

This week, Yale University placed this video of CMOS sensor inventor Eric Fossum on YouTube. Although the first 10 minutes are very, very slow (academia has its own pace), the information content quickly ramps after that. What you’ll get by watching this video is a really intuitive grounding in many of the more mysterious—or mathematically intensive—aspects of digital imaging such as shot noise characteristics, front- and back-side illumination, Bayer filtering, and diffraction limits. You’ll also see what the future of these sensors looks like including new types of sensors (such as the Lytro plenoptic light-field sensor, ranging, and 3D sensors) and for EDA360 aficionados, what sort of processing is and will be needed to deliver the images we want. Worth your time.


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