On-chip interconnect: Newly controversial. Live, free presentation on November 8 in Silicon Valley. Pizza and soda: $2

An IEEE Computer Society meeting is not usually the place to dip your toe into a newly controversial area or hot topic of the day, but next Tuesday will be one of those exceptions. On that day, the Silicon Valley Chapter of the IEEE Computer Society will be hosting an evening event where Drew Wingard, Founder and CTO of NoC vendor Sonics, is speaking about “On-Chip Interconnect: Demanding Challenges for Complex SoCs.” The presentation will take place at 7pm on November 8 at the auditorium in Building 10 on the Cadence corporate campus on the Montague Expressway.

Now this presentation was set up months in advance, so there was no way to know that Sonics would be filing a patent infringement suit against a competing company the week before. However, that’s exactly what seems to have happened. (See the EETimes article “Sonics sues Arteris for infringing patents”)

You’re not likely to hear about the lawsuit on Tuesday, but you will hear a lot about the technology involved. So come to hear Dr. Wingard speak, and get here half an hour early for some inexpensive pizza and the chance to network with some of the most active people in the industry.

It’s a free event (well, $2 for the pizza and soda) but registration is required. There are a limited number of seats. Register here. Now!


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