Scoreboarding “app” for Formal verification tools allows anyone to get exhaustive verification results—even on datapaths

If you think you know what Formal verification is all about, you are probably wrong. There’s a free webinar coming up on November 17 that will blow out the walls on your boxed-in thinking about Formal. The Webinar is about scoreboarding for Formal and about using Formal in data-transport applications (and that includes data paths).

Scoreboarding is great for finding out if your design is working at all. When you need to know if data can get from point A to point B in your design. Where can you use this stuff? Here:

  • Bridges
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Matrices
  • Memory Controllers
  • DMA Controllers
  • Buffers
  • FIFOs
  • LIFOs

To name a few. In addition, it’s pretty clear that more people, even people not expert in Formal verification tools, to have access to the technique. Scoreboarding can help there too. Think of scoreboarding as an easy-to-use “app” that works as a verification front end.

Still not clear? Want to know more? Click here.

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