Who else wants to learn high-speed PCB design and signal integrity analysis from world-renown expert Robert Hanson—for FREE?

Do the words “high-speed PCB design” make you twitch uncontrollably? How about “signal integrity analysis”? “Crosstalk”? Perhaps the phrase “complex power-delivery networks” is your nemesis. All of these topics can be real bears to deal with when you are laying out a complex PCB and if you’re in the PCB biz, you know there are plenty of other wild animals in that forest as well.

Where did all of these wild animals come from? From fast microprocessors with weird power-supply needs. From SDRAMs that have climbed into the GHz operating range with DDR3 and DDR4. Wide buses. Analog components laying down side by side with noisy digital silicon. It’s really a lot to handle, isn’t it?

Perhaps you’d appreciate a little help in taming one or more of these beasts?

Robert Hanson has been taming whole menageries of these PCB varmints for four decades. Through his company, Americom Seminars, he teaches five full days of classes that have helped many PCB design teams overcome a variety of related problems.

Hanson normally charges $500 to $700 per day to attend these seminars in high-speed PCB design but you can get the benefit of Hanson’s 40 years of experience for free—if you act quickly.

Cadence has teamed with Hanson to bring his expertise in PCB design to you on November 29 through December 1 in San Jose, California. That’s three free days of solid information and hand-on workshops at a live, in-person event to help you deal with these PCB design issues. You can choose to attend one, two, or three days. And it is free—to everyone who signs up before all the available seats are filled.

Here’s the agenda:

  • Day 1 (November 29): Signal Integrity Basics
  • Day 2 (November 30): DDR3 memory interface design, Multi-Gbps Serial links, and Advanced signal integrity topics
  • Day 3 (December 1): Power-distribution network design and analysis

What’s the catch? You have to sign up before all the seats are gone or you can’t attend. Believe me, there’s already a massive amount of interest in these classes.

Ready to sign up? Click here.

Note: For a sample of Hanson’s expertise, take a look at Richard Goering’s blog interview with him.

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1 Response to Who else wants to learn high-speed PCB design and signal integrity analysis from world-renown expert Robert Hanson—for FREE?

  1. MP Divakar says:

    Steve, thanks for this, will attend one day, possibly more.

    MP Divakar

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