TI and Brookstone release $229.99 Picoprojector for Apple iPhone 4/4S

The new $229.99 picoprojector just announced by TI and Brookstone represents a real tour de force in System Realization. It combines a TI DLP (digital light processing) Pico light engine, video circuits, audio circuits, a 2100 mAh battery, and a speaker into what is essentially a carry case for the iPhone. Here’s a photo.

The unit uses a 15-Lumen LED as a light source and is said to be able to project a 640×360-pixel display for images as large as 50 inches in diagonal. Here’s a photo of the device in action:

When not acting as a projector, the device can double as a backup battery for the iPhone.

Just in time for holiday shopping, you can get one for yourself or your favorite iPhone user here:


And if this new product sparks your own imagination for some other sort of system that you might realize, you can get a DLP Pico development kit from TI here: http://www.dlp.com/downloads/DLP_Pico_Projector_Development_Kit_Version_2.pdf

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