Another blog entry about getting all of the performance you purchased from your EDA tools

Back in September, I wrote a blog entry titled “10 ways to get your EDA tools to run faster, smoother, and longer” based on an interview with Peter Vincent, who is with the Cadence EDA Infrastructure Acceleration Services team. Richard Goering has just published s similar blog based on a discussion with Joe Macaluso, IT senior program manager at Cadence. (See “Want Better EDA Tool Performance? How Cadence IT Can Help”)

You will probably want to read Richard’s entire blog post because it elaborates on the three major categories of IT infrastructure problems that prevent you from getting all of the performance you pay for from your EDA design tools. Those three categories are:

  1. Operating system issues. Sometimes, the OS version being used is long in the tooth (i.e. full of old bugs solved in newer versions) or just isn’t set up properly.
  2. Storage. “EDA hammers storage,” says Macaluso.
  3. Networking. Sometimes routes or ports are not correctly configured, which slows communications.

Any of these can rob your Realization teams of precious time. Best to look into it.


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